There is still much work to do in helping and healing the community of Newtown.

Formed on December 14th, 2012, the Newtown Memorial Fund, Inc. received it’s 501(c)3 non-profit organization status from the IRS in February, 2013. We are devoted to serving the needs of those affected and our community through our all-volunteer organization.

Our board is largely made up of Newtown residents. The Newtown Memorial Fund will continue to make disbursements and fund projects undertaken to fulfill our mission.

If your company policy requires that you receive a copy of our W-9 form, click here and please fill-in your name/company’s name as the requester along with your check when you mail it, and we will return this form to you, signed. If you do not require a form W-9, but would like to cite your donation to us in your tax return documents, you can reference the Newtown Memorial Fund, Inc., along with our Federal EIN: 46-1616117Thank you for your generosity!!

Secure donations may also be made online via PayPal in lieu of mailing a check to our PO Box.

Please choose an option below:

Option 1: Donate to our General Fund
Our General Fund serves all three facets of our mission based on the discretion of our board of directors. The General Fund will help provide financial assistance to families affected by the Sandy Hook tragedy, help build an eventual physical memorial honoring the lives lost, and build funds for perpetual academic scholarships in memory of the tragic event.
Option 2: Financial assistance to those individuals directly affected
Donations made to the Affected Individuals Fund will be earmarked to go to the families directly affected by the shooting that took place at Sandy Hook Elementary School. This includes (but not limited to) replacing lost wages due to an immediate family member’s inability to return to work after December 14th, financial aid for counseling services for community members impacted, and other unexpected financial burdens that will arise in the coming years, as those affected require assistance in their journey to resilience and wellness.
Option 3: Scholarships
Donations made to the Scholarship Fund will exclusively service this portion of our mission. Starting in June of 2013, we proudly sponsored the needs of family members of those injured or lost on December 14. Going forward, our annual scholarship is administered through the Newtown Scholarship Association, who has been a caring, sensitive and professional scholarship administrator in our town since 1937.Our scholarship is a quasi-endowment (blend of principle and interest) and is awarded on a financial needs-basis, focusing first on those directly affected, followed by faculty/staff/students of Sandy Hook Elementary School, and the families of those first responders and those involved assisting at the crime scene itself. Our intention is to continue to provide scholarships to those who qualify, well into the future, should the funds be available. Many of those impacted who are college bound (the family members of the deceased and witnesses of the crime) won’t even be graduating high school until 2021-2025. Indeed, this is a long time frame during which we hope to be serving those impacted who have financial need and wish to benefit from a post-secondary education.
Option 4: Physical Memorial  
Donations made to the Physical Memorial Fund will be earmarked for the eventual construction of the town’s official memorial. The Newtown Memorial Fund will work with the town of Newtown to support the construction and/or maintenance of whatever Memorial concept that the town’s task force eventually commissions. The town will have the task to carry on the maintenance and upkeep of the memorial, and we would look to assist in reducing that financial burden over the long haul, in addition to assisting with the initial construction costs, if possible.

For the initial year after the tragedy, Paypal graciously provided transfer of donations directly to our bank free from their service fees. If you would like to ensure a total utilization of funds you are graciously donating to us, you can also send us a check, referencing the information below. Please, however, be sure to designate how you would like your funds utilized if you have any preference.

Donations may be sent via mail to our post office box. Please make checks payable to “Newtown Memorial Fund, Inc.” and mail them to:

Newtown Memorial Fund, Inc.
P.O. Box 596
Botsford, CT 06404
You may make notations on your check or accompanying correspondence as to the optional specific allocations detailed above. Checks received without notation will go into the general fund.
Other ways to help:

If you are looking to donate your time, please contact us with your specific strengths and abilities that can benefit our organization and its activities over the coming months and years. Your concise offers of specific help, as well as your phone numbers and city/state/country location, is helpful as we manage all of the emails we are receiving.

A note about pass-through and transparency:

Newtown Memorial Fund, Inc., is class-leading in terms of pass-through. As an all-volunteer board, our administrative costs are mostly postage stamps and office supplies. Based on our historic overall direct donations intake, nearly 98% pass through to the intended recipients and purposes according to our mission, and donor intent, as selected above or notated on your check/correspondence. Our Form 990’s for each fiscal year can be simply found here.